LKC Dip Pen Calligraphy Workshop
1:30 PM13:30

LKC Dip Pen Calligraphy Workshop

Did you know that I started my OWN personal dip pen calligraphy practice and journey with a workshop JUST like this one that I now teach? It was taught in the home of a dear fellow Louisville gal, and that was the launching pad for what is now my own business centered around dip pen calligraphy: Letter and Knot Co!


Dip pen calligraphy is one of the greatest gifts I have ever found, and I hope to share my passion for it with you in this workshop! This intimate workshop will be hosted in my home (In the Seneca park area of Louisville, KY!) where we will all sit together at the 6 foot farmtable my dad hand crafted for my husband and I! There will be candied pecans, berries, sweet tea, and of course, some chocolate (Essentials, right!?) provided as light refreshments, but the bulk of my time with you will be spent sharing everything I know about the art of dip open calligraphy.

Some of the HARDEST things to learn when starting as a dip calligrapher is proper pressure, proper form, how to hold your dip pen, the angle of the nib, and proper technique. I will be right there to walk alongside of you to adjust your form, how you hold your dip pen, correcting your pressure as you calligraph, and so much more.

What is included in this workshop, you ask?

  • LKC Dip Pen Calligraphy Apprentice Journal (Hand designed by me!)

  • 2 hours of in-person one-on-one teaching and coaching

  • 2 nibs

  • 1 dip pen

  • 1 jar of black calligraphers ink

  • 1 water well

  • Peppermints

  • Light refreshments

  • …and a few other surprise goodies!


I cannot wait to invite you into our home, sit at our beloved farmtable together that my dad handmade, and teach you everything I know about dip pen calligraphy!


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Nashville Calligraphy Workshop
2:00 PM14:00

Nashville Calligraphy Workshop

Ash, why in the world would I want to come? What is in it for me?

Well, let me first tell you that this class will sell out QUICKLY, so grab one of your best friends (because everything is more fun with your bestie!), sign up for this class, and get ready to have the sweetest time learning and growing together in the art of modern calligraphy! You will receive 2 nibs, 1 nib holder, a Modern Calligraphy Workbook with everything you need to know designed by Ashley of Letter and Knot Co, a bottle of professional ink, one-on-one coaching on proper technique and form for holding your pen, a water well, and a couple of SURPRISE goodies!

In terms of the experience you will have, JUST WAIT! As already mentioned, 618 Ewing is a modern event space in the heart of Nashville, TN where guests will enjoy light hors d'oeuvres and wine as provided by Flavor Catering. Elegant florals by Mercy & Thyme Blooms and stunning furnishings by 12th Table will enhance our relaxed ambiance where Lele Fain Photography will be on-hand to capture our fun experience. You will NOT want to miss out on this ONE TIME event! 

Click the 'View Event' button below to find your registration and more details! (You are SO ready for this!)

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Lexington Modern Calligraphy Workshop
2:30 PM14:30

Lexington Modern Calligraphy Workshop

This is a beginners workshop on how to learn modern calligraphy from yours truly hosted in Lexington, KY! In this class, you will receive one-on-one teaching and coaching on how to hold a nib, how to form basic strokes and letters, and you will receive all of the tools you need to begin your journey!

Click on this class for more details of the event! I cannot wait to see you there in Lexington!

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Made Weddings
2:00 PM14:00

Made Weddings

Come visit Letter + Knot Co at Louisville's FIRST + ONLY live curated wedding show at the Henry Clay in downtown Louisville. Brides-to-be 2018, + 2019, bridesmaids, MOH's, + best friends trying to help a sister-bride out, you WON'T want to miss this! I cannot wait to see you there!

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