What services does Letter and Knot Co offer?

Celebrate life collection

Ashley believes that life begins at conception, and that every child is a gift, no matter the circumstances. She hopes to serve you with a custom, hand-drawn, laser etched copy of your babies ultrasound to remind you that your child or angel baby was carried in the womb and brought to life as a woman gave up her body to grow a tiny human. These intimate pieces are the perfect nursery decor piece, angel baby keepsake, or gift giving idea!

Calligraphy Wood Cut-Outs

Ashley can bring any words or phrases to life in her unique, one-of-a-kind calligraphy style in a wood cut-out. These make beautiful statement pieces in homes, stunning design at weddings, or anything else your mind can dream up for a custom phrase you want to bring to life!

Laser Etching Services

Ashley loves when calligraphy and wood collide, and laser etching is a beautiful way to create lasting pieces for your wedding day, wedding favors, home decor, and all the in between. This service allows you to have text complimented so beautifully by calligraphy, and can be made on large scales!

Envelope Addressing

If you take all of the time, money, and energy to have custom invitations designed for your wedding day or shower, you will not want to 'ruin' them by slapping a printed label on the front of your envelopes to mail out. Taking the time to personally calligraph each guests name will mean more to them than you know, and is a timeless way to set your invitation apart.


Custom Wedding Day Pieces

Ashley has designed custom pieces on all different types of mediums to accommodate many styles, visions, and needs. Mediums include fabric, marble tiles, rocks, mugs, acrylic, agate rock, mirrors, handmade deckled edge paper, and much more. Basically, if you have a vision for something completely and totally unique, on something that you don't see here, She would love to chat about it with you! 

Wedding Vows

One of the most special requests Ashley can receive is to calligraph the vows a couple spoke on the day they vowed their lives to each other forever. Ashley has created wedding vows as simple as 200 words per set, to multiple vows in a set with over 1500 words. It would be her honor to letter your wedding vows to frame in your home as a reminder of the day you stepped into the covenant of marriage!


Logo Design

Ashley loves to help bring to life the small business experience with bespoke calligraphy logo designs. Ashley wants to seek to understand your brand, your ideal clients, and the vision for your logo design so that she is able to bring it to life to make a statement on your website, in your marketing, and as you separate yourself from anyone else.


Calligraphy Workshops

Ashley has a passion to teach students about the lost art of dip pen calligraphy. She is a hands on teacher who will bring to life the nib with one-on-one coaching. The most important thing you will learn in Ashley's #LKCworkshop will be proper technique, proper pressure to apply, and proper form when holding a dip pen. She is excited to help you begin your own personal journey with the art of modern calligraphy.


Hymn and Song Collection

Music has a way of transporting us back to some of the most precious moments in our lives; it has a way of preserving emotions and feelings the way nothing else can. For most of us, there are certain songs that have impacted us in ways that can't be described, but only sung. Ashley would be honored to letter the sheet music or calligraph the words of a song that represents significant moments or meanings in your life.